Directors:  Amanda Van Patton & Jessica O’Bryant  


The Girls in Action Group at Washington Baptist Church work throughout the year on different mission events.  As a group the 1st -6th grade girls earn GA patches which are awarded in a special recognition service at the end of the school year.  The mission work they are involved in includes Connie Maxwell Children’s home, Nursing home visits, annual GA Tea party, adopting grandparents, GA chef time, community volunteer events, waitressing and many other fun activities.  Once a year they participate in a GA lock-in where they spend the night in the church and play games.  


The GA group spends time in prayer and learning how they can be missionaries in their own community.  They learn that doing missions isn’t an age but a love for God and people.  This is a wonderful group of young girls who come together and worship through serving others.  Come and be a part of the Washington Baptist Girls in Action Group. 

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