Bible Studies

Join us for one of our Bible studies each week and grow with us!  Below is a list of current Bible studies taking place now and some that will be starting soon.  Make sure to check out the newsletter or announcements for Bible study updates.



I’m a Christian Now

I’m a Christian Now is an eight-week study that helps new Christian children grow in their relationship with God. Children must have accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. (It is okay if they have not yet been baptized). We discuss topics such as:

            -Knowing I’m a Christian

            -Following Jesus’ example

            -I’m part of a church

            -Living as Christian

            -Sharing your testimony

            -Going on mission



First Place for Health

A Christ-centered weight loss and healthy living program for men or women.  It is a successful biblical approach to weight loss and overall health management, which puts Christ first and improves every area of a person’s life.  It offers relevant and valuable health information and tools for real, lasting change and most importantly Christian support and accountability.



Men’s Fraternity: The Quest for Authentic Manhood

Helps men to grow in their relationship with their spouses, families and friends by building a stronger relationship with Christ. It offers a clear definition of what a man is and challenges each man to develop his own manhood pan.



Financial Peace

Planning for the future is hard and when you’re still paying for the past! There’s a better way!  With Financial Peach University you will learn how to beat debt and make a plan for the future! This is 9-week course is usually offered once or twice each year.




GriefShare is a friendly, caring group of people who will walk alongside you through one of life’s most difficult experiences. You don’t have to go through the grieving process alone! To join a class just visit click on ‘find a group’ and then scroll to find Washington Baptist and then follow the prompts.



Not a Fan

Are you a fan or a follower of Jesus? Jesus said, “Follow Me.” Following Jesus means more than just acknowledging Him as Savior, it requires commitment and steps of obedience.  Not a Fan is a 7-week course designed to help you define your relationship with Christ.



Experiencing God- Knowing and Doing the Will of God

By Henry Blackaby and Claude King

Experiencing God is based on seven Scriptural realities that teach us how to develop a true relationship with the Creator.



Sunday School Classes

Sunday School starts at 9:45am every Sunday.

Click a on group below to view the class times and locations


Ladies Classes

Adult Ladies/Revive
Room 225 (Gym Level)
Ages: All Adults


Ladies 1
Room 206 (Gym Level)
Ages: Retired

Ladies 2
Room 305 (Sanctuary Level)
Ages: Retired


Ladies 3
Room 311 (Sanctuary Level)
Ages: Retired

Men's Classes

Adult Men
Room 219 (Gym Level)
Ages: All Adults
Men 1
Room 302 (Sanctuary Level)
Ages: Late Career & Retired
Men 2
Room 308 (Sanctuary Level)
Ages: Retired

Couples' Classes

Adults 1
Room 226 (Gym Level)
Ages: Career


Adults 2
Room 306 (Sanctuary Level)
Ages: Late Career


Adults 3
Room 300 (Sanctuary Level)
Ages: Career


Adults 4
Room 221 (Gym Level)
Ages: Late Career & Retired

Adults 5
Room 204 (Gym Level)
Ages: Retired


Joint Heirs
Room 208 (Gym Level)
Ages: Retired


Young Married
Room 309 (Sanctuary Level)
Ages: College & Early Career

Co-Ed's Classes


*Adult Co-Ed Classes are a mix of couples and singles


A Purposeful Calling

Room 203 (Gym Level)

Ages: College & Early Career


Adult Co-Ed

Room 205 (Gym Level)

Ages: Late Career


Discovering Church

Room 304 (Sanctuary Level)

Ages: All Adults

Sanctuary Class
Sanctuary (Sanctuary Level)
Ages: All Adults


Young Adults
Room 310 (Sanctuary Level)
Ages: College & Early Career

Children's & Youth's Classes

*Security Registration at drop-off and pick-up is required for Babies through 5th Grade


Room 337

(Sanctuary Level / Children’s Wing)


Room 339

(Sanctuary Level / Children’s Wing)


2 Years Old
Room 341

(Sanctuary Level / Children’s Wing)


3 Years Old
Room 340

(Sanctuary Level / Children’s Wing)


4 Years Old

Room 338

(Sanctuary Level / Children’s Wing)


5 Years Old
Room 336

(Sanctuary Level / Children’s Wing)

1st Grade
Room 335

(Sanctuary Level / Children’s Wing)

2nd Grade
Room 330

(Sanctuary Level / Children’s Wing)


3rd & 4th Grade
Room 331

(Sanctuary Level / Children’s Wing)


5th Grade
Room 333

(Sanctuary Level / Children’s Wing)


6th Grade
Room 223

(Gym Level)


7th-12th Grade (Youth)
Room 220

(Gym Level)

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