Washington Baptist Church was constituted in the fall of 1819 and became a member of the Broad River Baptist Association.  Rev. Isaac Lamance was called as the first pastor.  He served for a period of 19 years.  During his tenure, the church grew in number to one hundred and forty eight members and a log house of worship was built. 

Washington Church has been a member of several Baptist Associations and became a charter member of Greer Baptist Association when it was formed in 1959. 


Times were hard during these early years of the church but the Lord provided.  The people of the area were struggling to make a living but they were found to be faithful in worshiping the Lord.  Even in these hard times, God was at work and the members of the church continued to hold steady in providing a place to worship and praise the Lord for His goodness.  


After the years of the Civil War, the church began to grow and resources were available for the members to build a larger building.  Looking to the Lord for guidance, a Sunday School was started in the late 1800’s.   Looking back over the 200 years of the church, we see a church focused on God in worship, ministry, and spiritual growth.  Many men of God have served faithfully as pastor and members of the church have been dedicated to the advancement of God Kingdom in this community.   Even today, God is the cornerstone of this church and its main goal is to spread His Word to the uttermost parts of the world.  


Interesting facts about Washington Baptist Church:

  • Current membership is approximately  1,000
  • Historical Room featuring many items of interest showing how God has lead the church over  these years
  • New Sunday School rooms and office complex added in 2007
  • New Fellowship Hall and Sunday School rooms added in 2018
  • Newly renovated children’s wing dedicated in 2018
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